Rescue Team Finland

Civil Defence Shelters

The first civil defence shelters in Finland were built in 1938, one year prior to the outbreak of the Finnish Winter war. In 1955, a desicion to extend the construction of civil defence shelters was made by the Finnish government. The construction technology and the technical requirements of the shelters has developed through the years, but civil defence shelters are still being built in Finland. There are places in the civil defence shelters for over four million people today. 

The civil defence shelters require inspection and service regularly after construction, in order to maintain technical demands specified in the Rescue act 379/2011 74§. Every 10 years, an inspection and a pressure test is to be conducted in civil defence shelters, to ensure that the shelter is in statutory condition. It is recommended to perform a minor inspection and light service every year. By doing this the shelters stay in approved condition. 

Rescue Team Finland has with years of experience gained competence and a broad circle of contacts to help our customers keep their civil defence shelters stay in statutory condition. 


We offer:  - inspections

                  - pressure tests

                  - plans for restauration and commissioning

                  - minor restaurations

                  - provide civil defence shelter equipment


Contact us and we will keep your civil defence shelters in good condition.